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If you're here you're already in Italy, you probably have your permission to stay but ... do not know how to live! Find a house, open a business, apply for a certificate (which in many cases still needed), to ask for contributions to the State ... are all things on which we can help !

      Not enough to have a residence permit to live in Italy, you must also live ! You are discovering little by little that you have to deal with many things in addition to wake up in the morning, go to work and bring home the paycheck. But you do not have time or do not know how !
      Do not worry, we have time to do some things for you.

      We can offer help with:
        ● find a house for rent
        ● ask for a criminal record, a certificate in the City, or in any other public office
        ● apply for a certificate to the Consulate or Embassy
        ● ask for translation and legalization of your document
        ● attend practices to open your business (licenses, permits, authorizations, finding the right place)
        ● open practice with INPS for your disability, or INAIL for your accident at work
        ● ask for contributions for daycare, school, or for the life of your family
        ● to appeal against the decisions of INPS, INAIL or municipality, or other public offices, who refuse to give allowances or contributions that you belong
        ● to appeal against a public call for tender, which excludes you because you are a foreigner or not in possession of the card-of-stay

      Get help, it is better for you ! Fill out the form below and send your request

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   find a house for rent   criminal record  Town Office certificate  other public office certificate
   Consulate/Embassy certificate   translation and legalization  open business   disability practice (INPS)   accident at work practice (INAIL)
  public contributions for daycare, school and family    appeal vs refuse to give allowances/contributions   appeal vs public call for tender
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