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If you're here you need to open a company in Italy. On this page we show you how we can help

      Open a company in Italy is still a profoundly wise choice (despite the recession). Italy is a country that pulses of resources and energy, and for centuries has been the crossroads of major trade, as well as a strategic military high level.
      Today, many of the most innovative solutions to start new businesses originate here in Italy, and a good part of the brightest minds in the world is Italian.
     Add that Italy is still a country of overwhelming beauty, with its varied landscape, the multiple and different traditions, an ancient culture and, why not, great food (which helps us to live better and longer).

      What you need to do business in Italy, and what we can offer ?
        ● open a company, first (there are various formulas available: from the purchase of a company "ready made" at the opening of a representative office)
        ● open files of work (INPS and INAIL) to manage your employees in Italy
        ● open the tax position of your company (VAT number)
        ● have licenses, permits, authorizations, required to carry out your business (if needed: clearly depends on the type of activity that you will play)
        ● ask for permission to stay (for you, your employees, your co-workers)
        ● find the most suitable locations to do business (shops, factories, warehouses, etc.)

      All this we can offer it "package" (all included), or you can choose what you want to "buy" from us and what you get yourself (or with your advisor)

      Get help, it is better for you ! Fill out the form below and send your request

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   package "all included"                          open a company                                      open files INPS / INAIL   permit of stay
   open tax position of the company        licenses, permits, authorizations, etc.         find business locations (shops, factories, warehouses)
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