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If you're here you have a degree, or a professional title and would like to make it recognize in Italy, or you have already submitted the application but the Ministry refuses to recognize. Or you want to convert your foreign driving license in Italian. Or, again, you need to apply for funding for various reasons. On this page you may find answers to your questions

      You've done your studies in your country of origin: now that you're in Italy, you would like to do a job that allows you to capitalize on these studies. Or, already in your country, you have exercised a profession and would like to continue to do so in Italy. But you do not know how to ask the Italian government to recognize your studies or your job, or you have said it is very difficult: you do not have to go crazy, just leave it to us ! You'll see that it's easier than you think.
      And if you have already done all the work yourself, but the Ministry has issued a negative decision, it is the case that you ask us to figure out what went wrong, or if the Ministry was wrong and, therefore, you have the right to challenge the measure.
      Or, you have a license, foreign, or international, and want to convert it to an Italian driving license: international law is not always clear, leave it to us and we will simplify things !
       Or, again, you need a loan (for various reasons: personal, work, etc.) But you do not know who to turn to have the greatest sum under the best conditions. We can put you in touch with the best professionals in the industry, the only ones allowed to get you the loan required.
      We can offer help with:
        ● apply for recognition of your educational, or professionale, qualification
        ● appeal against the ministerial order that denied recognition
        ● convert your driving license in an Italian driving license
        ● apply for funding

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